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February 03 2016 - Update

Power Wheelchair - Panel Update

Message for EMS Assessors

For the last 5 years, Enable New Zealand has been successfully applying a Panel approach to the contracting and supply of Power Wheelchairs.

This approach has achieved overall savings of around $14 million to the Ministry of Health, together with improvements in service.

Under Government Rules, Enable New Zealand was required to review and re-tender the Panel. This process has now been completed and a new Panel has been appointed, effective 1 February 2016.

The new Panel Suppliers are:

  • Allied Medical Limited
  • Invacare New Zealand
  • Morton & Perry Limited

Other than minor changes to the Script form (described below), EMS Assessors should not see any change in process.

Changes to “approved” chairs

The number of “approved” Panel chairs has been rationalised, though there have also been some additions. It is anticipated that the approved Panel chairs will satisfy more than 80% of future requirements.

The following familiar chairs will no longer be part of the approved Panel:

  • Quantum 1420
  • Quantum 6000z
  • Ottobock Skippi
  • Ranger
  • TDX Spree
  • Tiger Cub
  • Quickie S636
  • Quickie QM-710

Access to these chairs and any other Non-Panel chairs may still be possible if the Panel is unable to offer another suitable solution.

Changes to Script Form (ENAE206 Power Wheelchair Specification)

The Script Form is a vital tool in the Panel process.  This form has seen some minor updates to ensure that all required information can be captured first time.

It is essential that EMS Assessors complete all fields. This will help to avoid unnecessary communication/clarification with the EMS Assessor and help to reduce delays.

Incomplete Script forms will be returned for completion. (See Guide for EMS Assessors for more information to assist completion).

Chair Categories

Power wheelchairs have been identified in specific categories A-G. This will assist in suitable chair identification for purchase and re-issue.

(See Guide for EMS Assessors for more information).

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