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February 29 2016 - Update

EMS Advice and Outcome Summary form changes

Important: If you submit EMS advice requests please read

Enable New Zealand are in the process of finalising the development of an online EMS Advice and Outcome Summary form, which will replace the current form available on the Disability Funding Information website.

What does this mean for you?

This means you will be able to fill out you EMS advice request online from the Disability Funding Website and “push send” for it to go directly to Enable New Zealand

Testing of the online process

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be undertaking extensive testing of the new online form. We will be entering advice requests you send to us over the next few weeks into the new system. You will receive an email confirming the EMS Advice has been received with a reference number and a copy of a PDF containing the details you have entered. Please use this reference number if you have any queries about the progress of the EMS Advice.

Existing EMS Advice Requests

Existing EMS Advice Requests currently under review will not be loaded, but will continue to be reviewed in date order.

What will happen once testing completed?

Once testing is complete, we will email you an update with the link to the new online form. We will have a transition period between the current manual process and the new online process. Once the new system is operating we will begin to only accept EMS Advice Requests online. We will confirm when that date is.

The new online EMS Advice Request process

The new online system will assist with reviewing your advice requests in a timely manner. If there is any further clarification required, we will email you (quoting the online reference number). Once the EMS Advice has been reviewed an EMS Advisor, their response will be sent back via email, with a PDF attachment. You will be able to save this and upload the PDF document into Enable Online with RTL.

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