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May 15 2014 - Update

Update - Low Rise Platform Lifts

A Request for Proposal (RFP) tender process has been followed by Enable New Zealand to establish the ongoing supply of Low Rise Platform Lifts.

As a result of this process, the following two suppliers have been offered contracts for this supply:

  • Pandect Mobility Solutions
  • Quinn Engineering

Transitional Period - Effective 1 May 2014

  • Contract agreements and process updates are currently being finalised.
  • Process updates will include detail of Roles & Responsibilities and will take into account requirements from the new Ministry of Health (MOH) contract.
  • As we work through this transitional period, the essence of the contracts is operational, effective 1 May 2014.

Summary Changes to Agreements / Process

  • New agreements are for the supply of the equipment only.
  • Refurbishment is included.
  • Installation is not included.
  • Lift removal is not included; however any lift removed must be subject to refurbishment by the supplier prior to re-issue.
  • An updated Schedule Summary document is under development to better identify the equipment requirements.
  • Installations will be managed by a Request for Quote (RFQ) process.
  • RFQ’s for installation will be issued either directly by Enable New Zealand or, if applicable, by the Consultant managing the project.
  • RFQ’s for installation will be issued to suppliers and/or recognised/contracted installers.
  • Installations to be completed under the terms and conditions of the Enable New Zealand Building Contractor Agreements.
  • A standard installation document with instructions/drawings is under development for issue with RFQ’s.

Any applications or quotes that are currently part-way through the existing (old) process will continue without any requirement to revisit and/or restart the process.

An update on this Transitional Period will be issued before month end.

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