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Our Services at Level 4

Some of Enable New Zealand’s services continue to operate under COVID-19 Alert Level 4.

Ministry of Health guidelines allow us to deliver essential services which prevent a serious risk or hospitalisation, or support a person’s discharge from hospital.

These are the services that continue to operate under Level 4:

  • Delivery of essential equipment that prevents serious risk of harm at home, or enables the discharge of a person from hospital
  • Repair of essential equipment that can be carried out outside the home
  • Essential housing modifications that are needed to keep a person safe or enable them to be discharged from hospital
  • Our contact centre will continue to be available to answer your queries

These are the services that are suspended under Level 4:

  • Collection of equipment
  • Equipment trials
  • Delivery and repair of non-essential equipment
  • Outreach face-to-face services such as wheelchair clinics
  • Non-essential housing modifications

If our staff or contractors need to visit your home, they will need to ask you some additional questions to assess whether anyone in your home has had exposure to COVIDl-19. They can then determine the safest way to proceed.

Equipment deliveries by courier will be contactless. If you need any support to set up or retrieve equipment, we will work with you to get the help you need on a case-by-case basis.

You can continue to contact us via the usual ways

Contact Enable New Zealand

More information

Information about Covid-19 for disabled people and their whānau, including access to easy read guides can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

View the Ministry of Health information website for disabled people and their family and whānau

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