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Phone Number is now required

We need to make you aware of an additional requirement in the equipment request process.

A phone number for the client receiving the equipment is now a required field in the ESH app and you will be unable to submit your request without it.

This is now a required field as our courier and delivery agents have requested a means of contact for each household they are delivering to. This will allow them to:

  • Check there is someone in the household who is able to receive the equipment
  • Confirm the equipment is expected and can be accepted by the household at this time – we are aware that some people may be moving from their Level 4 ‘bubble’ to a new bubble now we are moving to Level 3
  • Accurately trace and record each contact they have had during their work for contact tracing purposes

You will need to click into phone field as shown below (not the C/O field) and include the client’s number in that field. Please ensure this is an up to date contact number as non-contact with the client may result in a delay in equipment being delivered to them.

screenshot of required phone number change

Please note: you will need to log out and log back into the system in order for the changes to come into effect. Alternatively you can force a refresh of the system by pressing CTRL F5 to ensure you are accessing the latest version.

We appreciate your understanding that some of our processes are needing to be updated and changed during this time, in order to keep our services and those of our stakeholders as safe as possible.

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