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February 22 2013 - Update

Panel Supply - New Wheelchairs

Since October 2010, Enable New Zealand has contracted three suppliers (EBOS, Allied Medical Ltd and Invacare) to provide the majority of power wheelchairs within the Enable New Zealand region.

It is our pleasure to announce that Allied Medical and EBOS have each added a new wheelchair to the range of power wheelchairs provided under the Panel Supply process:

  • Allied Medical – Q6 Edge
  • EBOS – Quickie QM710

Please note that the service request process has not changed and EMS Assessors will still need to complete the:

Power wheelchairs will be requested according to functional needs identified in the assessment. EMS Assessors will not be asked to provide brand and model of power wheelchair.

The introduction of these new chairs will increase the number of features and variety of power chairs available for selection and information on these new products is available through the suppliers.

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