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July 1 2011 - Update

Joint Funding – Education and Health

The following documents clarify and support the Ministries’ of Education and Health joint funding process for allocation of equipment/assistive technology identified as meeting a student’s essential living and learning needs. The identified solution must be a total value of $5,000 or more (including GST).

Joint Funding Form
Joint Funding Information Sheet
The development of these documents has come about due to recent enhancements in technology resulting in an increase number of situations where a single piece of equipment can be appropriate to meet both living and learning needs if it has appropriate or relevant features. A number of organisations have been consulted during the
development of these documents and we would like to thank those who have provided advice and support to both Ministries. 
What is the process?
The information sheet outlines when joint funding should be considered, how the work is undertaken together and what process you must follow to gain approval for funding. The process is most relevant for new equipment as some joint assessments will result in the re-issue of existing equipment. It is the Ministries’ of Education and Health Joint Funding Panel who will make the final decision with applications considered on a case-by-case basis.

What happens next?
The new joint funding form (and processes) should be used from 1 July 2011 for all new joint funding work. However, applications that are already well underway may use the previous application formats until 1 September 2011.
For these joint funding applications Ministry of Health EMS Assessors do not have to complete the relevant complex equipment form.

All the documents will be maintained on the following websites:

Ministry of Education
Disability Funding

Karen Hunter (Development Manager, Disability Support Services, Ministry of Health) and
Lynne Silcock (National Coordinator Assistive Technology, Ministry of Education).

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