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March 21 2014 - Update

Hand Rails MoH Band One Equipment List – FAQ

The Professional Advisory Team has recently responded to numerous enquiries from EMS Assessors regarding the inclusion of rails onto the Ministry of Health (MOH) Band One Equipment List.

In an endeavour to improve consistency and efficiency with regards to rail assessment and provision we would like to share the questions and responses with EMS Assessors.

Please call one of the Professional Advisors at Enable New Zealand on 0800 36 22 53 or email at if you have any further questions or concerns.

What area of accreditation do I have to have to apply for rails?
Approved category of personal care and household management (PSCHSM).
(Occupational Therapists only)

Is the rail on the Band One Equipment List a piece of equipment or a housing modification?
It is classed as a piece of equipment - The housing modification process for rails and installation (over $200.00 incl. GST) still stands

For what environmental situations could the stainless steel rail be requested?
Where it is to be exposed to water or increased moisture e.g. in a shower or bathroom area
Installed external to a house and exposed to the elements
NB: stainless steel rails should not be requested if the under $50 powder coated rail will meet the client’s disability need. To request under $50 rails, all relevant MOH eligibility and criteria should be met

Should a powder coated rail be used in a wet area?
No - it is likely to rust if the powder coat is damaged during fixing
NB: Housing Advisors recommend that stainless steel rails are used in a wet area

Are rails to be given a MOH asset label?
No – this means that the item is unable to be repaired or modified by the subcontractor

Do rails have to be returned?
No – unless it is viable (cost effective) to reissue
NB: Rails are unable to be reissued or repaired if they have had any damage from previous use

Can multiple rails be requested?
Yes – provided it is established that there is an essential, disability related need within the MOH criteria

If the client has previously had a rail and further down the track another one or multiple rails are requested by the same or different EMS assessor will this be flagged/questioned at Enable New Zealand?
Yes – this history of items listed under the clients name is checked at the time of processing. However if the rational for provision meets MOH eligibility criteria and client need, the item will be provided

Who is responsible for assessing position or placement of the rail?
The EMS Assessor is responsible for recommending placement of the rail to meet the disability need

What fixings are provided with the rail?
Standard fixings of rawl plug and stainless steel screw (for the stainless steel rail) is provided via the supplier – there are no instructions provided with the rail.
NB: It is up to the person fitting the rail to determine the correct fixings for the individual wall. Enable New Zealand will not be responsible for incorrectly fixed rails or any subsequent damage incurred to the property

Who is responsible for fitting the rail?
The client or family is responsible for the installation or may choose their own contractor to fit the rail (at their own cost)
NB: If an Enable New Zealand Contractor is used to fit the rails this must be in a private capacity – the EMS Assessor and the Contractor must make this clear to the client (there will be no liability for Enable New Zealand. The Contractor is not acting on behalf of Enable New Zealand in this capacity)

Whose responsibility is it to ensure the client knows how to care and use the equipment safely?
The EMS Assessor

Is Enable New Zealand responsible for making good the property if the rail is removed in the future?

Is Enable New Zealand responsible for determining property owner approval?

Will Enable New Zealand provide a disclaimer for fitting the rail?

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