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October 19 2012 - Update

Update Regarding Safety Warnings on Hi-Lo 4 Section Beds

Enable New Zealand have been reminded by Invacare of warnings contained in the Hi-Lo bed information from the manufacturer.

This includes the Etude Plus and Scan 385 bed (Enable New Zealand’s ‘old’ MOH List Equipment bed).

The particular safety warnings we wish to bring to EMS Assessors attention is regarding safe use for children and people of a smaller weight/height (under 150cm and under 45kg).

To meet international safety standards certain minimum gaps on the bed for children and smaller people are required, this is to prevent entrapment and harm. The old and new list beds are not designed to meet the standards for a paediatric bed and it is clearly noted in the product information to not be suitable for children under 12. Therefore EMS Assessors working with children need to be aware of this requirement when requesting equipment.

It is the intention of Enable New Zealand to identify a preferred supply bed for this group of clients.

Meanwhile for all clients under the age of 12 currently with Hi-Lo beds the assessment service will be contacted alerting them to the issue and seeking their input over managing the change in bed to one which meets the required standards. Enable New Zealand will accept a completed Replacement Equipment form for those beds that need changing to a different product.

Hi-Lo beds in combination with bed sides must not be used for persons under 45kg weight or under 150cm height unless a professional risk assessment has taken place. Note our data shows that 46% of Hi-Lo bed requests also include one or more bed rails. This figure would seem quite high. There are some best practice New Zealand and overseas resources we would like to highlight to assessment services regarding risk assessment for bed rails and Hi-Lo beds. Please find the links for these resources here.


 Bedrails Risk Assessment NHS
 Bed Safety Off The Rails - Australian Nursing Journal July 2010

 Bed Safety Rail Risk Assessment November 2010

 Bedrail Risk assessment

 Bed Rails Information Sheet - South Australia

 Factsheet Bed Safety


 Restraint Minimisation CDHB

 Risk Assessment Tool for Provision of Bed Safety Rails Child Development Services, Nelson

 Safety Sides Column Article

 Safety Sides Information - ArjoHuntleigh



This issue has highlighted the need to be aware of warning labels and other safety issues advised on equipment items and be aware of safe best practice.

Please contact Enable New Zealand and talk to the Professional Advisors should you require more information.

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