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‘On-behalf’ applications PDF showing incorrect assessor details

Enable New Zealand is working to resolve an intermittent issue with hearing aid service requests submitted by on-behalf users.

The issue

The ENZ hearing system is sometimes recording the on-behalf user as the assessor, rather than the audiologist or audiometrist. This means that the assessor details on the application confirmation PDF(service request summary) will also be incorrect.

What we’re doing

The system notifies us of any on-behalf applications affected by this issue. We are then able to manually correct the system record. However, we cannot correct the application confirmation PDF.

Estimated resolution date

The issue should be resolved by Thursday 5th December 2019.

What we recommend you do

  • If an on-behalf user, please remember to select the assessor after you select the branch.
  • Check your application confirmation PDFs for all on-behalf applications since 21 November 2019, and until the issue is resolved.
  • Manually amend the PDF assessor details if showing an on-behalf user’s name.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

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