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Update from the Enable NZ Housing Team

  • The Contractor and Consultant list in the Disability Funding website (Link) is a living document and will change as Consultants or Contractors are added or removed. Please refer to the online version rather than printing it so you can ensure you are looking at the latest version.
  • Enable New Zealand is now using a cloud based system called ProWorkflow which is a project management tool that allows us to apply timeframes, assign people to a referral and to monitor progress. This will, in time, replace the current RTL (Round trip Logistics) which is now being phased out but all the information remains online.
  • If you haven’t yet received any emails through ProWorkflow then this file shows what this looks like.  Please ensure you hit reply and type your response as stated above the line.  Also attach any documents to this email which will automatically upload into our system.
    • Also this increase in internet traffic can increase the amount of information saved in the background. We have included and attached this document which can clear this information to assist with the performance of your machine.
  • Bruce McCrorie will be retiring from Enable New Zealand on August 10th after 17 years of service. Bruce’s skills and the relationships he has built over that time will be seriously missed. We are all wishing him the best with this next chapter of his life.
  • Craig Lind you may be familiar with as a Customer Services Facilitator (CSF) with Ministry of Health (MoH) has now been seconded into the Housing Advisor team for 6 months. Craig has already gone some way to proving his worth in the team using his previous knowledge learnt in the MoH world.
  • Esther Richardson and Monica Williams have joined the Ministry of Health Housing team with Barbara and Maureen to assist with the processing of applications.

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