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June 24 2014 - Update

EMS Prioritisation Project - Stage Two, Newsletter 2

Welcome to all EMS Assessors in the Midland, Central and Southern DHB regions. This is the second Newsletter for Stage Two, national roll-out of the EMS Prioritisation Tool from the MoH. We will be sending you regular newsletters over the next few months to help support you with the transition to using this new tool. This newsletter provides you with information and a number of attachments related to introduction of the tool

This Newsletter gives you information on:

  • Impact on Life questionnaire
  • Transition process for Stage Two, national rollout of the Prioritisation Tool
  • Online training course
  • Client information pamphlet
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Additional supporting information include a

  • List of Champions
  • When to use the Prioritisation Tool

To read more please click on the link below:

Newsletter 2

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