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October 15 2014 - Update

Stage Two, national rollout, Newsletter 5

Welcome to all EMS Assessors in the Midland, Central and Southern DHB regions. Please find attached Newsletter 5 for Stage Two, national roll-out of the EMS Prioritisation Tool from the Ministry of Health.

This Newsletter provides you with information related to the Prioritisation Tool including:

  • Prioritisation Tool data analysis
  • Monitoring the data in the Prioritisation Tool
  • Link to documents – ‘one source of truth’
  • Re-ordering the client information pamphlets
  • Excerpt from the OT Code of Ethics
  • Clarification points - Assessor section of the Tool
  • Ongoing support information
  • Further information:
    • Examples for the two Risk questions - Deterioration of the client / Destabilisation of the support network
    • Key messages about the Impact on Life questionnaire

To read more please click on the link below:

Newsletter 5

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