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Enable Specs App goes live 4 June 2019

You’ll be aware that we’re replacing our RTL Spectacle Subsidy System with a simpler, easy-to-use online application system called the Enable Specs App.

As we now look to make our new system live, it’s important that you know what is happening and what you need to do next to ensure a smooth transition. Please take the time to read this notice, making notes of the key dates, and share this notice with colleagues who also currently use RTL.

No RTL access after 30 May

You will no longer have access to our RTL spectacle subsidy service after 4pm Thursday 30 May.

The original RTL cut-off date advised has changed. Please read our notice.

Date change - RTL spectacle applications close-off now 30 May

Close-off for 21 June payment run

Where possible, please complete all your RTL claims by 2 pm on 30 May. This will give us time to process as many claims as we can before the end of the day.

We will process all claims sitting in RTL at the close-off time. You will not need to re-enter them in the new system. These claims may go into the July payment run.

New app goes live on 4 June

The new Enable Specs App will be available for you to submit claims on Tuesday 4 June, after the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Payment and invoicing processes

There are no changes to our payments and invoicing processes.

User training

More information will follow soon about how to access and use the Enable Specs App, and about the training materials we are developing.

We’re working hard to make sure you’ve got all the information you need. But if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone 0800 ENABLE (362 253)


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