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Improvements to the Specs App

Thank you for your patience while we worked on some issues with the new Enable Specs App. We are pleased to announce our first software enhancement release since the App was introduced on 4 June 2019.

Here is a summary of the main changes we’ve made to improve your experience and prevent errors.

Similar customer records now detected

Two changes have been made in the Create Customer screen:

1. You will receive a message – ‘Similarly named and aged clients detected’ if you create a customer record and one of the following scenarios occur:

  • NHI numbers match
  • First name, last name and date of birth match
  • Similarly spelt names, NHI number and date of birth match

Screenshot of similarly aged client warning

Before you can continue, you must either:

  1. select an existing record, or
  2. cancel the record you are creating, or
  3. confirm that the customer’s name is not on the list, to be able to create a new record.

This change will help prevent duplicate records being created.

2. The Submit button has been changed to Continue. This will take you to the Apply for Subsidy screen to complete the request before you submit it.

Customer details now display on banner

Your customer’s name and NHI number will now display on the identity banner at the top of each screen. This will help you to know which customer you are making the application for.

Search results improved

When searching for a customer, results will now display in alphabetical order (first name, last name). This will make it easier for you to locate existing customer records.

Data retained in product selection screen

Information or figures you enter in the Product selection screen are now retained. If you leave the screen for any reason, you will not need to re-key the product information when you return.

Disability Types ‘Other’ or ‘None’ selections changed

For Standard and High Level subsidy applications: you no longer have the option to select disability type ‘Other’ or ‘None’.

For Genuine and Exceptional applications: the option to select ‘Other’ has been moved to the Reason for Prescribing field.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enable New Zealand

Phone: 0800 352 256 (ENABLE)


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