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Update to EMS Vehicle Assessment Request forms

Earlier this year, our Vehicle Assessment Request process moved onto ProWorkflow, which allows for a more streamlined process for requests. You can review the notice for that process change here. Following on from this change, we have just finished reviewing the forms associated with this process, and we have made a few updates.

The primary update is that the ENAV502 Vehicle Purchase &/ or Modifications form is no longer needed for Vehicle Assessment Service Requests. The information gathered on this form is now a part of project set-up on Pro-Workflow, and this form will therefore be discontinued.

The remaining vehicle forms have undergone minor changes, as outlined below:

ENAV501 – Referral for Driver/Passenger Assessment for Vehicle Modifications

  • Retitled to ENAV501 – Referral for Driver Passenger Assessment
  • This document is for referrals only, not to be filled in by the vehicle assessor unless it is to refer the client for assessment

ENAV503 – Vehicle Purchase &/or Modifications Details

  • Retitled to ENAV503 – Vehicle Purchase and/or Modification Service Request Details
  • As before, this form must be filled in and submitted with all vehicle modification service requests

ENAV504 – MOH Funded Vehicle Purchase &/or Modifications Information

  • Retitled to ENAV504 – MOH Funded Vehicle Purchase and/or Modification Information
  • As before, this form should be read and signed by the client during assessment and kept for vehicle assessor records

The updated forms will be available (and the ENAV502 will be removed) from the week of the 5th January. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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