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April 10 2012

ARCHIVED MoH EMS Assessor - Online Registration Process

Enable New Zealand is pleased to announce the introduction of EMS Assessor Online registration. EMS Assessor Online

This system replaces the ENAA501 Application for Accreditation Form and the requirement to send certificates and other documentation to Enable New Zealand. 

The new system will ensure that all required information is supplied, and that employers/managers verify the application. 

All aspects of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) Accreditation Framework are encompassed in the on-line system and will replace all current processes for the following:

  • EMS Assessor Details
  • EMS Core Module
  • Training Modules (where required)
  • Employer Declarations (credentialled categories)
  • Case Study submission (where required for panel review of credentialled categories).
  • Forums for Communicative Assistive Technology Level 1 (this function is currently unavailable, please contact Enable New Zealand if you wish to use this function prior to availability and you will be provided with an alternative solution).

Current EMS Assessors will only need to register to use the EMS Assessor Online system when they seek to be approved for additional areas of accreditation, change employer or when re-applying 3 yearly as required by the MOH. You do not need to register now.

Those EMS Assessors currently using Moodle to complete the Core Module and Lesson requirements of accreditation.  Please note that Moodle will remain active for one week after the date of this notice, at which time all EMS Assessors will need to transition over to the new EMS Assessor Online process.

Becoming a registered user for the first time will require people seeking to be an EMS Assessor to supply all current contact details, complete EMS Core Module (valid for 3 years from date of completion) select an employer/manager and select approved/credentialled categories.

The system is intuitive and will only allow you to select approved/credentialed areas that are available to your occupation and similarly you will only be able to select a second level to a approved/credentialed area on completion of the first level i.e you must complete Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management Level 1 before you will be given the option to complete Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management Level 2.

Once registered, a user will be able to log on and view/amend details including changing address, phone numbers or adding approved/credentialed categories. 

Information for Employers/Managers
Employers/Managers will be required to verify that the EMS Accreditation Framework requirements have been met (where required) e.g. Annual Practicing Certificate, professional membership, completion of any required training. Hard copies of these documents will no longer need to be sent to Enable New Zealand.

Employers/Managers registering for the first time will only be required to complete the My Details section to be able to verify applications. They will not be required to complete the EMS Core Module. When a person seeking to become an EMS Assessor identifies an employer/manager who is not registered, the employer/manager will receive an email invitation to register. 

Once the employer/manager is registered, the person can continue the registration process.

Contact Information
For details of the Ministry of Health Accreditation Framework see the HIIRC website.

For any queries regarding the EMS Assessor Online process, please contact the Enable New Zealand Information Team

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