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August 27 2009 - Update

ARCHIVED Urgent Process Update - Enable New Zealand Region

The urgent process was introduced in late 2008. Initially this was to address issues relating to the increasing volumes of applications and the ability for Enable New Zealand to process the huge volume of work being received on a daily basis. The urgent process allowed for Specialised Assessors and their clinical supervisors/team leaders to identify clients whose needs meant they would be unsafe to wait for date order processing. In April 2009 this process was also used for managing access to the budget as the demand outweighed available budget and this meant that waitlists for priority one complex applications came into effect.

Longer term the Ministry of Health is looking at ways to manage the budget with a fair and equitable process being developed through the EMSIP program. details on the projects can be accessed.

In the meantime, the budget still needs to be managed as demand continues to be higher than the available budget. The priorities for access to the budget are as follows:
Common List Applications
Replacement Equipment Applications
Urgent Priority One Complex Equipment Applications

As budget becomes available funding will be released, in date order, for:
Priority One Complex Equipment Applications
Priority One Housing Applications
Priority One Vehicle Applications

And then:
Priority Two Complex Equipment Applications
Priority Two Housing Applications
Priority Two Vehicle Applications

Understandly the volume of common list and urgent applications has increased over the past months. This affects the volume of work received and the ability to process this work as timely as possible. We urge Specialised Assessors, Professional Advisors and Clinical Supervisors to use the urgent process sparingly. The increase in volume has become unsustainable and it is likely we will need to revert to processing applications in date order if the urgent process cannot be self managed. Over the past months there has been a number of housing modifications being sent in as urgent, no housing modifications will be accepted as urgent and consequently will not be processed ahead of other work waiting budget in date order.

Further information on the urgent process.(not available)

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