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December 9 2010 - Update

ARCHIVED Unique Professional Development Opportunity

The 3rd December update stated that Enable New Zealand would cover all disbursement costs.  This was added in error.  There is an expectation that District Health Boards will contribute to the costs of this development program. Enable New Zealand is currently developing a set of guidelines and will discuss these with each DHB prior to acceptance of the secondment.

Enable New Zealand would like to offer all interested EMS Assessors the opportunity to spend one week working on secondment at Enable New Zealand in Palmerston North. 

Commencing in February 2011, this will be on a rotational basis through different District Health Boards to allow the information to be widely distributed.

This is an opportunity for EMS Assessors to gain an increased knowledge into the procedure behind processing EMS applications.

EMS Assessors will:

  1. Follow applications through from receipt to provision of equipment.
  2. Review equipment and housing applications.
  3. Review applications identified by the processing team as needing professional advisory input.
  4. Collaborate in discussions regarding application eligibility or queries.
    1.  Processing Equipment and Housing
    2. Professional Advisors
    3. Housing Advisors
    4. Stores
  5. Observing and participating in the different Service Units within Enable New Zealand:



  • To improve two way knowledge sharing between Enable New Zealand and EMS Assessors. 
  • To minimise the time spent reviewing applications by improving Enable New Zealand and EMS Assessors understanding of processes and protocols followed by each partner in the EMS process.



For Enable New Zealand:

  • Increase knowledge of Enable New Zealand and Ministry of Health functioning including policy, criteria and prioritisation in the EMS Assessor community.
  • Improve quality of EMS applications, reducing Policy and Professional Advice (PPA) team time spent on reviewing, questioning and amending applications.
  • Better outcomes for clients.
  • Knowledge sharing with the EMS Assessors about the issues faced within the different regions.

For EMS assessors:

  • Gain an overview of the running of Enable New Zealand and the purpose, processes and structure of the organisation.
  • Greater understanding of requirements for applications and reporting.
  • Opportunity to peer review a variety of applications eg bathroom modifications and improve knowledge of potential solutions
  • Attend round table discussions re policy clarification to assist with knowledge of issues raised and gaining resolution
  • Decrease time spent having EMS applications reviewed.

For employers

  • Provision of continuing professional development for EMS assessors.
  • Dissemination of best practice information to all staff.
  •  Greater understanding of Enable New Zealand and Ministry of Health and input into future decisions.


Expressions of Interest are invited for the following dates:



February           7 -11

March              7 -11

April                 4 - 8

May                  2 - 6

May/Jun           30 - 3

July                  4 - 8

August             1 - 5


Please forward enquiries and expressions of interest by completing the attached form to:

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