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August 11 2014 - Update

Welcome to "Go live" day

It was a pleasure to meet so many professionals during our roadshows, to put names to faces and vice versa. We are looking forward to the remaining presentations in Masterton, Hamilton and Rotorua. For information purposes we have included the link to the presentation for those who have not yet been able to attend. EMS Assessor Presentation.

Listed below is a brief recap of some of the most significant changes as a result of the introduction of the Prioritisation Tool and changes in the MOH EMS service specification:

  • The process of engagement with the EMS Assessor via our Professional Advisory and Housing advisory team will now be at the front of the process. EMS Assessor Advice Flow Chart.
  • We will need a referral form ENAH112 Request for EMS Advice completed to access our EMS Advisor service. An Outcome Summary will be provided on completion of the discussion which will summarise the joint discussion and outcome recommended, along with advice on whether to proceed to the tool to see if funding is available. Notice regarding all the new or updated forms was sent to Assessors on 8 August.
  • We are introducing our Enable Online application process for equipment and basic housing. Full information and the link to the training video was sent to Assessors on 7 August.
  • For those who use our Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management service – the change here is that referrals will need to come to the new address

To assist in the transition process, we have introduced the Customer Service Hub, available on: 0800 17 1995 or 8.00am to 5.00pm, to support you through the transition. This will be the main contact point for any Ministry of Health enquiries.

In addition, if you have queries about EMS Assessor Online for all Assessor registration and accreditation, contact 0800 17 1981 or

Enable New Zealand is looking forward to working with you and helping you through this exciting transition process.

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