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October 16 2008 - Update

ARCHIVED Enable New Zealand region Complex Equipment application forms

To assist in the new process for Complex equipment applications there is a proposal to make some changes to the application form. These changes take into account the feedback from Specialised Assessors on the new process and some identified issues processing applications in the new process.

The new form is in draft format and feedback is sought from Specialised Assessors. Please note the new form will be available as a Microsoft word template with all fields expandable.

Feedback is required by 7 November 2008.

The main changes to the form are:

  • The addition of a ‘date sent’ field for Specialised Assessor fields
  • Change in position of some of the reporting boxes
  • Change in format to the equipment request page allowing for the description and rationale to be contained within one line.

 Processing complex equipment requests in our new system has not gone smoothly. The main issue with being able to speedily process complex equipment applications is around the locating the required equipment on the database to allow issue from store or purchase.

To explain this further let us take the example of a Roho cushion. This could be identified by the Specialised Assessor by size, make, model, type, supplier in several different ways:

Roho – 16 x 16 Quattro
Quattro 8 x 8 cells
DME Quattro
Cushion Roho 16 x 16
Air cushion Roho DME Select 16 x 16

Interpreting the information on the application form to match with the equipment categorisation in the database is proving to be a challenge which has been affecting our processing speed. We are working on this internally in terms of categorization key words and training of staff. The change in forms and what information we receive will also assist. Please make sure that the information you put in the form is very clear re the ideal specification of the equipment you require. If you are content to accept any item in an equipment category and this is available in the store you may state that under the specification column – BUT where an item is not available in the store you need to provide a clear indication for the item you need to be purchased for your client.

NOTE: Where possible Specialised Assessors should use the Suppliers catalogue number to identify the item on the application form. This allows immediate identification of the preferred equipment item when processing the application.


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