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December 15 2008 - Update

ARCHIVED Enable New Zealand Region: Important Notice of Future Process Changes

You will be aware that there are some changes coming up with the way we manage applications at Enable New Zealand. This has been previously highlighted as pre approval to trial and in other updates over the last year.

These changes are to be implemented in mid August 2008.

Please find attached the proposed new process flow for equipment applications.  Equipment Process Flow Chart (83.7PDF). Please note no changes are being planned for housing or vehicle applications.

For equipment applications there will be some fundamental changes;

1.  Enable New Zealand will order equipment items for purchase directly from suppliers and also receive
     invoices directly from suppliers.

     This change will address delays in payment, and remove two administrative tasks (processing orders and
     invoices) which have been sitting with Specialised Assessors.

     We will still need to be notified by Specialised Assessors if the equipment which has been delivered is not as
     per the original order and Enable New Zealand will address this directly with suppliers.

     Specialised Assessors will receive a copy of the purchase order sent to suppliers so they will be aware when
     this has occurred and have the order date and number on file.

2.  All assessment and application forms are completed at the beginning of the process. This will mean that all
     information is received and eligibility, solutions and funding is approved up front.

     There will be no not available faxes from the store.

     Eligibility and funding is approved prior to any equipment trial being undertaken. This is similar to the
     process in the Auckland region, but will be change in practice for many Specialised Assessors. This move will
     reduce the risk of trialing equipment where funding is unable to be approved. This will also have an immediate
     positive impact on supplier ability to manage trial equipment stock.

3.  There will be a modification to the application forms to accommodate some of the process changes. We are
     also aiming to reduce some of the repetition of information on the forms with the current process.

     One of the challenges in the new system is with ensuring equipment is still re-issued from the store.  To do
     this we need Specialised Assessors to not be specific to brand and model but to identify key characteristics
     required of a piece of equipment this allows for the recycled stock to be used.

     However, if the item is not available in the store then we need sufficient information to purchase the right piece
     of equipment on the Specialised Assessors behalf. Currently Specialised Assessors receive the not
     available notification and then fill in more paperwork to send to Enable New Zealand, to receive a letter back
     to then go the Supplier and buy the specific item of equipment.

     A possible solution could be to utilize different application forms for common list and non common list
     equipment process. The non common list process would contain more detail around product choice, both for
     accessing store equipment and if this is not available for the product to be purchased.

     Another potential solution would be for the initial application to include a quote from the supplier so that the
     exact make and model can be clearly indicated if there is no option is available in the Store

We are seeking feedback on these process changes please note we may not be able to immediately reply to each individual piece of feedback but will take all the feedback into consideration in developing the process. We intend to put out some draft application forms in the upcoming weeks for feedback. Thank you in anticipation for your involvement with making these changes positive with the best outcome for all.

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