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June 8 2006 - Update

ARCHIVED Update from Enable New Zealand including the Auto Attendant, Equipment Manual Update and Timeframes


In order to provide incoming callers with a clear path to contact the person they need to talk to, Enable New Zealand have implemented an auto attendant phone system on our 0800 numbers. This will give callers some choices which will direct them to the most appropriate person to meet their needs. It is anticipated this will reduce the number of times people are redirected within our building, and reduce the volume of calls going to voice mail. We would welcome any feedback once regular callers have got to grips with this. Please note, this is a interim step toward Enable New Zealand's goal of having the majority of calls coming into the organisation answered in person.


We notified you that the manual was to be updated by the end of 2005. Obviously we didn't meet that target! We are still busy working with the Ministry of Health and accessable on this and anticipate this being available on-line in the next 2-3 months. We are also working through some process changes which we will notify you of at that time also.


We have had difficulty meeting our targets for application turn-around within the office in the last couple of months. I am pleased to advise that with a combination of temp and new staff we have now got back on track and our turn-around is in the expected 2-4 week window for P1 applications. Thank you for your patience.

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