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April 28 2005 - Update

ARCHIVED High Cost Applications & Ethnicity Information

High Cost Applications

Housing modication and equipment solutions can be dependent upon each other. Where this is the case, Enable New Zealand and accessable need to be able to review both applications together. Specialised Assessors are requested to make reference to the housing or equipment application on each respective application. Please note that this does not apply to common list equipment.

Ethnicity Information

Enable New Zealand and accessable to concerned at the standard of ethnicity information being provided by Specialised Assessors.

As with other core data (eg. Date of Birth, NHI), if ethnicity information is not provided on the application form, this form will be returned to the assessor as "Incomplete" for completion before proceeding.

A recent request for information from the Ministry of Health has identified that there are many examples of this information not being completed correctly. Information on ethnicity is collected for planning and service delivery purposes and for monitoring health status across different ethnic groups. Ethnic group codes are key variables for determining the characteristics of the population that are accessing health and disability services.

Ethnic Group Codes used by all DHBs are the standard which are expected.
The standard set of codes provided by the NZ Health Information Service and applied by all DHBs is as follows:

  • European not further defined
  • NZ European
  • Other European
  • NZ Maori
  • Pacific Island not further defined
  • Samoan
  • Cook Island Maori
  • Tongan
  • Niuean
  • Tokelauan
  • Fijian
  • Other Pacific Island (not listed)
  • Asian not further defined
  • South East Asian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Latin America/Hispanic
  • African
  • Other
  • Not Stated

Ethnicity should be self-identified wherever possible.

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