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December 21 2009 - Update

ARCHIVED Update for Audiologists applying for Ministry of Health funding for Children's Hearing Aids in the region covered by Kelston Deaf Education Centre

The Ministry of Health and Kelston Deaf Education Centre (Kelston) advise that Kelston will no longer monitor applications for Children's Hearing Aids from the end of December 2009. From 1 January 2010 applications for Ministry of Health funding should be submitted directly to Enable New Zealand, the Ministry's contracted provider for administering funding for Children's Hearing Aids nationally, at If you have any processing queries please contact Enable New Zealand on 0800 17 1995.

The Ministry thanks both Kelston and the Van Asch Deaf Education Centres for their assistance in this role over the years and we are pleased to advise that Van Asch will continue to provide these services in its region.

Education, advice and repairs of children's hearing aids will continue to be available through both Deaf Education Centres.

The Ministry will further develop an audit and monitoring role for applications submitted for Children's Hearing Aids funding in the New Year and advises that the requirement for audiologists who are members of the New Zealand Audiological Society to undertake the assessments and make recommendations for children's hearing aids will still apply.

For further information please contact Mark Powell, Manager Service Access Team, Ministry of Health, on 04 496 2384.

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