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April 27 2005 - Update

ARCHIVED Details on applications for Hearing Equipment

With constant pressures on Ministry of Health budgets, accessable is endeavouring to ensure that equipment provision for people with a disability related need is maintained. Accessable do this by ensuring all applications for equipment meet the current Ministry of Health access and eligibility criteria as the most cost effective solution to the identified outcome required. 
In all areas of equipment accreditation the Specialised Assessor is expected to provide details/specifications of equipment being recommended in line with current New Zealand wide Professional Advisory practice. The accessable Professional Advisory Team will be requesting all equipment applications for Hearing to provide the same level of detail.

The level of information required in the Complex Equipment Application is as follows;

  • Equipment Details section: Details of the type of equipment being requested/recommended (eg type of hearing aids) and why this is the most cost effective option to meet the client's essential disability related need. Include the cost or an estimate of the cost of the item/s.
  • Identified Alternatives section: Include other options considered and their costs for comparison.
To this end, if enough equipment detail and the associated costs are not provided, accessable will be contacting the Specialised Assessor to request this information. Where this information is provided in the first instance, applications are processed as expediently as possible ensuring timeliness of response to all involved.

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