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Development of the Assessor Accreditation Framework

The Ministry of Health established an Equipment and Modification (EMS) Improvement Project in March 2009.  This project included a work stream tasked with progressing the development and early implementation of a comprehensive assessor accreditation framework.

A pictorial summary of the Accreditation Framework Overview

The project work stream included:

  • Exploring current and proposed approaches to assessor accreditation
  • Development of an accreditation framework
  • Cost impact analysis of the proposed accreditation framework
  • Piloting service accreditation across four District Health Boards
  • Piloting individual credentialing across two disciplines (wheeled mobility and seating; communication assistive technology)
  • Development of specific and specialised assessor competencies consistent with the framework for wheeled mobility, seating and postural management; communication assistive technology, and housing modifications
  • Commencement of the development of specific assessor competencies for vehicle assessors
  • Implementation planning

A report to the Ministry of Health "Assessor Accreditation for Equipment and Modification Services" January 2010, by Acqumen and Associates outlined recommendations for a revised Accreditation Framework that would provide surety around the quality of assessments and appropriateness of applications for Ministry of Health funded equipment and modification services.

This report was accepted by the Ministry of Health and has resulted in the new Accreditation Framework being implemented and effective from the 30th August 2010.

An evaluation of the framework was commenced in February 2013 and completed in April 2013. EMS assessors (approved and credentialed) and their employers/supervisors were invited to respond to a web based survey providing feedback on the MOH EMS Accreditation Framework. In addition focus groups and individual interviews were held with stakeholders of the framework including Enable New Zealand, Accessable, Regulatory Authorities, Professional Associations, credentialing panel members, The Ministry of Education and disability support agencies/organisations.

Overall evaluation feedback demonstrates support for the MOH framework as providing a structure and process for clinicians to attain approved or credentialed assessor status. It is recognised as influencing an improved quality of clinical assessment and clinical decision making and an improved standard of applications to both Enable New Zealand and Accessable. The evaluation has identified opportunities to further develop and refine the framework in relation to accessing the on line information, clinician training and development opportunities, requirements for demonstration of competency, clarity of pathway for the attainment of approved or credentialed assessor status and requirements for ongoing maintenance of approved or credentialed assessor status.

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