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Hearing Assistive Technology


The Hearing Assistive Technology Credential recognises the specialist knowledge and training required to provide appropriate advice and recommendations related to the hearing assistive technology process and equipment needs for people with disabilities.

Eligible Health Professionals wishing to become a Credentialed Hearing Assistive Technology EMS Assessor will need to successfully complete requirements as outlined below, before making a service request to Enable New Zealand.

How do I become a credentialed assessor for Hearing Assistive Technology?

You must be one of the following health professionals to apply for this category:

To apply for this credential you will need to:

  • Log in and register on EMS Assessor Online and complete the EMS Core Module, see below.
  • Completion of the EMS Hearing Assistive Technology Online Learning Module including the endorsement of two practice funding applications (you need to be logged in to EMS Assessor Online to view this).
  • Your supervisor/employer is required to register and log into EMS Assessor Online (see below) to complete the employer declaration for this credentialed category.

Click here for a sample of the Hearing Assistive Technology Employer Declaration.

Ongoing Requirements

The requirements to re-credential for Hearing Assistive Technology are listed below:

  • Continue professional development activities
  • Meet ongoing requirements to complete a minimum of three assessments per year as verified by the employer
  • Apply to be re-credentialed every three years
  • Participate in on-going clinical supervision

Click on the button below to register/log into EMS Assessor Online

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