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Provisional (In Training)

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The Provisional (In Training) credential recognises that EMS Assessors can be supervised by a supervisor/employer to assess for and recommend solutions in the category you are in training for.

Provisional (In Training) requires selection of one of the following credentialed categories:

Implemented in conjunction with the MOH Prioritisation Tool, Provisional (In Training) is available to EMS Assessors.


You must be the following health professional to apply for this category matching the requirements for the credentialed category selected:

You must complete the requirements for the credential inclusive of any workshop attendance and learning / development requirements within 2 years.

Some important things to know are listed below:

  • To apply for this credential you will need to log in and register on EMS Assessor Online and complete the EMS Core Module, see below.
  • Your supervisor/employer is required to be credentialed in the area of accreditation that you are seeking provisional registration in.
  • Your supervisor/employer is required to register and log into EMS Assessor Online (see below) to complete the employer declaration for this credentialed category.
  • When using the Prioritisation Tool, EMS Assessors who are in training for a credentialed category will be able to complete the EMS Assessor Section pending approval by an appropriately qualified accredited supervisor. Approval will be required for any EMS Assessor sections where the outcome is ‘funding available’ before a Service Request can be submitted.

Ongoing Requirements

The timeframe for completion of a credential is a maximum of two years, irrespective of when the Assessor completed the relevant training course. This aligns with the timeframe for completion of all other credentialed categories.

Reference Material

Refer to Reference Material links under the category you are in training for.

For further information you can call the EMS Assessor Helpline on 0800 171 981.

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