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Re-credentialing Categories

All credentialed assessors (prior to credential expiring) need to meet the requirements for re-credentialing categories of assessment as outlined below for each category:

Communication Assistive Technology Level 1 & 2

Hearing Assistive Technology

Housing Modifications Complex

Vehicle Purchase & Modifications Level 1 & 2

Wheeled Mobility & Postural Management Level 1 & 2

This is an internal assessment service based process requiring an employer or supervisor declaration. Enable New Zealand will notify EMS Assessors one month prior to expiry date that they are required to re-credential.

Re-credentialing requirements have been developed with input from the relevant sector representatives or current credentialing panel members.

To access the Re-credentialing Categories you will need to click on apply for area of accreditation and choose the appropriate Re-credentialed Category and follow the online prompts.

All EMS Assessors will be allocated a renewal date of either 30 June or 31 December. This renewal date will be calculated dependent on whether your initial credentialing was approved in the first or second half of the year. Within the six months prior to the renewal date of the credential, the EMS Assessor and their supervisor or employer must confirm they have completed the minimum requirements for renewal of the relevant credential.

For further information you can call the EMS Assessor Helpline on 0800 171 981

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