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Credentialing Panel

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In 2009, the Ministry of Health commenced a project to develop an Accreditation Framework for specialised assessors making recommendations and applications for Ministry of Health funded equipment for disabled people.

The Accreditation Framework has three categories of Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) Accreditation Framework Categories:

Approved CategoriesCredentialed CategoriesService Accreditation

Credentialed Assessors (except Housing Modifications) have two tiers, being a Level 1 Credential or Level 2 Credential. The process for Level 2 credentialing requires the applicant to submit case studies that need to be critiqued which results in a recommendation to approve the credential, request further information from the applicant or decline the applicant.

Level 2 credential applications will be evaluated by a two member panel comprised of individuals who have been selected and approved by the Ministry of Health. Panel members are chosen as having expert knowledge and experience within the health and disability sector and proven ability to evaluate written case studies.

Enable New Zealand will convene a panel on receipt of a Level 2 application and email the relevant documentation to the panel members. The Panel members will operate within set timeframes and guidelines and individually make one of three recommendations:

  • Award the credential.
  • Request further information.
  • Decline the credential.

Enable New Zealand will facilitate the process to where a decision on the application is reached by the panel and will communicate the decision to the EMS Assessor in the usual way.

For further information you can call the EMS Assessor Helpline on 0800 171 981

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