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Enable New Zealand manages the administration of the framework. This includes receiving and processing accreditation status applications from assessors and sending reminders to assessors prior to the expiry of their accreditation status.

Approved categories of assessment do not require re-credentialing and are valid as long as the assessor maintains a practicing certificate (if applicable) or remains registered with Enable New Zealand.

Each credentialed category is valid for a three year period. Regardless of the exact date of successful attainment of credentialed category, there will be two dates for the completion of re-credentialing requirements. Those who attained credentialed status between January 1st and June 30th will need to re-credential by June 30 on a three year cycle.

Those gaining credentialed status between June 30 and December 31st will need to re-credential by December 31st on a three year cycle.

For further information you can call the EMS Assessor Helpline on 0800 171 981

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