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Service Accreditation

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Service Accreditation Overview

Specific service areas, primarily community health services, can be accredited to allow District Health Board staff to undertake assessments for certain equipment items (for example low cost, low risk, high volume equipment such as shower stools and over toilet frames) thereby reducing duplication of assessments and streamlining equipment provision.

Since 1 April 2011, District Health Boards (DHBs) have been completing the process to gain Service Accreditation where desired.

To assist with applications and implementation, a range of resources have been developed to assist DHBs. These include a Toolkit for Service Accreditation, a Clinical Reasoning Guideline and a PowerPoint training module.

The first step is to read through the toolkit and then to contact a mentoring DHB. Contact details for mentoring DHB's can be obtained from

Once implemented the DHB will apply to Enable New Zealand for a Service Accreditation code.

You will need to complete the following form and email back to Enable New Zealand to gain your Service Accreditation Code.

ENAA502 Application for Service Accreditation

This code will be used by DHB staff trained in service accreditation who are not existing EMS Assessors.  DHB staff who are existing EMS assessors, if trained in service accreditation, can apply for List Equipment in EMS Assessor Online. They will then be able to use their existing EMS Assessor code to request items permitted under DHB Service Accreditation.

Service Accreditation Resources

Toolkit for Service Accreditation

Clinical Reasoning Guideline

Power Point training module

Service Accreditation Mentors

The mentor will be able to assist a DHB by:

  • Providing advice
  • Reviewing draft material (e.g. policies, procedures, learning & development material, monitoring and evaluation plan)
  • Facilitating a visit to their DHB should this be desirable
  • Visiting your DHB should this be desirable

Note that mentoring expectations and costs incurred in providing mentoring support will need to be negotiated with the mentoring DHB.

For further information you can call the EMS Assessor Helpline on0800 171 995

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