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Equipment Subcontractors

Enable New Zealand Subcontractor Manual

The following are lists for equipment subcontractors who are contracted to Enable New Zealand to provide services. Every effort is made to ensure that the lists displayed here are up to date. If you want to confirm that the list you hold is the most recent, then please call Enable New Zealand on 0800 17 1995.

Equipment Subcontractors Contact List - ENAS006

Under $500 Job Cards User Notes

These detailed user notes are for the Under $1000 Job Cards which are to be completed for Repairs, Setup/Adjustments, Modifications, Annual Servicing, and Refurbishments under $500.

Job Card - ENAS004

This Job Card is to be completed for any repairs and/or modification to equipment over $1000.00 & replacement batteries, funded through Enable New Zealand.

If you require a purchase order for a job please use a Purchase Order Request - ENAS009

ENAS007 Subcontractor Technician Request

The following links are password protected:

North Island Asset List

South Island Asset List

Asset Database Instructions and FAQs

Warranty List

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