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Hearing Services User Guides and Forms

Download User Guide below for instructions to complete a service request for both the Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme and Hearing Aid Funding Scheme in the Enable Hearing Service Request System:

To begin a hearing service request please go to

Select a form below to request:

Priority for Access to Funding Form All adult funding service requests (both New and Genuine & Exceptional circumstances) will need to have this form completed and attached to the request. The request won't be able to be completed without attaching the form.
It is optional to complete the form for child funding and Subsidy (New and Genuine & Exceptional circumstances).
  1. Download the form and complete.
  2. Attach the form to your online request.
Replacement and Repairs Form This form will only be accepted by Enable New Zealand for customers who have had Hearing Aids prior to 2010 and who do not have a record in Enable Online.
To check if the request can be processed you will need to view the Customer details and check the Hearing Aid Service Availability Summary.
Forms received for requests that should be submitted online will be returned by email with a request to enter the request through the Hearing Request System.
  1. Download the form and complete
  2. Email to
Review of decision form This form can be used to review a decision made by Enable New Zealand. If the person, the Approved Assessor or audiology provider, is not satisfied with any decision that has been made about an request or a claim for hearing aid services, they may request a review of this decision within 3 months of the request or claim being declined, Additional information in writing, supporting their request, should be provided.
  1. Download the form and complete
  2. Email to
Second review undertaken by MoH ESS panel If the person is still dissatisfied with the outcome of the review of decision, they may request a second review which will be undertaken by the Ministry of Health's ESS Review Panel. Send email to

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