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Housing Modification Services funded by the Ministry of Health

You may be eligible for Ministry of Health funding for housing modifications if:

  • You have a disability that will last over six months and result in a reduction of independent function to the extent that ongoing support is required &
  • You are not an ACC claimant (for that disability)

Housing modifications can only be provided if an EMS Assessor has identified that the modification is essential for you to:

  • Have mobility into and within the home
  • Remain in or return to your home or,
  • Be the primary carer of dependent children.

Who To Contact

For further information about Ministry of Health funding for housing modifications, contact the funding administration service for your area:

  • If you live in Auckland or Northland, contact accessable call free (New Zealand only) 0508 001 002.
  • For the rest of New Zealand, contact Enable New Zealand call free (New Zealand only) 0800 171 995.

To begin the application process, you must request an assessment by an EMS Assessor.

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