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September 28 2011 - Update

Update to EMS Assessors Credentialled in Vehicle Purchase & Modifications Assessment - Enable New Zealand Region

Part 2 of the Vehicle Purchase and Modifications Manual is now available. This provides information on the Enable New Zealand processes for accessing Ministry of Health funding.

All of the new application forms are also available. These include:

ENAV501 - Referral for Driver/Passenger Assessment for Vehicle Modifications application form.

ENAV502 - Vehicle Purchase &/or Modifications application form.
Please note there has been a minor change to this form.

The change relates to the attachment section, and is to indicate that a quote for the ‘Follow up’ is only expected where the request is to modify an existing vehicle and the actual modifications are known.

Where the request is to modify a proposed new or unknown vehicle, it is expected that the quote for follow up will be provided once vehicle has been identified.

ENAV503 - Vehicle Purchase &/or Modifications Details form.
This form is to be completed when the application is for a proposed new/ unknown vehicle, and where an ‘Approval in Principle’ has been received.

ENAV504 - MoH Funded Vehicle Purchase &/or Modifications Information form.
This replaces the old Terms and Conditions.

Please ensure that all applications are submitted using the most up to date forms, as referenced on the Disability Funding website.

Enable New Zealand will no longer accept applications on old or out dated forms, after the 31st October 2011

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