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EMS Assessor Roles and Responsibilities

I have read and understood the EMS Assessor’s roles and responsibilities in the EMS Manuals and agree to adhere to these.

Privacy Act

Authorisation – I authorise the service provider or its agent to obtain from any third party, information as is appropriate to assess my suitability as an EMS Assessor.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 we are required to inform you that:

  • The personal information collected on this website will be held by Enable New Zealand. It will be used by Enable New Zealand, the Ministry of Health or the Processing team for the purposes of assessing you as an EMS Assessor and related purposes. The information may also be made available to the public in connection with the provision of health and disability services. Please Note: The collection of your email address will only be used for direct communication between yourself and the Ministry of Health and/or Enable New Zealand/accessable and as such will not be made available to any other third party for the purpose of direct mailing.
  • You have the right to access personal information held and to request corrections to the information.
  • It is not mandatory to provide the information sought on this website, but failure to do so may result in you not obtaining or retaining accreditation.

Disability Funding Information Website Updates

All assessor email contacts will be loaded to receive updates from the Disability Funding Information Website. This website provides important information from the Ministry of Health regarding criteria and changes in policy. In addition this site contains all updated manuals, processes and application forms.

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If at any point you need assistance
call Enable New Zealand on 0800 362 253 (0800 ENABLE)

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